Alkeme Rx Acne Kit

Alkeme Rx Acne Kit

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Our kit has been tailored to include all of the necessary products to get your acne under control and simplify a skincare routine for you.This kit includes the entire acne product line at a bundled price point. The kit includes full size products:

Solução 1.1
Purifying Cleanser w/ vitamin C & salicylic acid

Solução 1.2
Multiacid pads with salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lacric acid, & witch hazel for daily treatment and exfoliation of the skin to be used daily. 

Solução 1.3
Spot treatment pen with ginger root extract, macademia termifolia seed oil, reaveratrol, salicylic acid to dry out zits within 2-3 days. 

Solução 1.4
Hyaluronic acid serum with colloidal silver to hydrate the skin and treat it with antimicrobial healing properties. 

We recommend adding our vitamin CE ferlulic serum or our skin brightening cream if you have acne issues with hyperpigmentation.